Pirates of the Caribbean

I don’t write a lot about the Caribbean, and it’s somewhat of a shame to not tie up the fascinating social and economic histories of the Caribbean with the rest of the region. The melting pot of European empires, Caribbean countries and territories, along with the Guyanas, are currently seeking to extract reparations from Britain, France and Holland for slavery and brutal colonial heritages.

The New York Times article on the topic is an interesting read. I’m convinced this is an unabashed play for small, underfunded independent governments that no longer receive territorial aid from Europe to fill their coffers, or a nationalistic election ploy. William Hague seems to think so too.

Holland and France certainly have less to lose on this than Britain if the case goes the way of the Caribbean governments. If Britain is meant to pay reparations for all its colonial vices, there will be a lot of people knocking on 10 Downing Street’s door.

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