Pacific Alliance or Star Washington Consensus Students?

Is it an “up yours” to Brazil? A “take that” to China? A “please be my friend” gesture to the United States?  Whatever it is, the Pacific Alliance is taking off quicker than many regional observers would have predicted.

In a week’s time, the Wall Street Journal, never known for its shy approach to free trade, has published three separate pieces on the progression of the union. These have ranged from overtures to the Trans-Pacific Partnership and what the bloc means to Asian trade to stories about how Canada’s new BFF just might be Latin America.

One former classmate and friend, Sam George of the Bertelsmann Foundation, called this bloc the “Pacific Pumas”, highlighting their similarities in economic orientation and their common Andean roots (Pumas also have common Andean roots, so the name is apropos).

If we’re going to stick with animals, I prefer the term “Mountain Lions” (or even Commercial Cougars) to describe the bunch. But if we really called it like it was, we could just call them “Washington Consensus Graduates”. 

And because I know you want to see the full “cougar” chart…

The Cougars

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