The 21st Century Dream Act?

Is education the next frontier for NAFTA? Certainly Mexican students have been coming to study in the United States for a long time, and American students have headed south to places like Cuernavaca, Oaxaca and Puebla to brush up on their Spanish. But until now, there was no real formal integration between Mexico and its North American neighbors. Now, integrating standards between the U.S. and Canada is tough enough, and two countries with very similar standards and methods can not even agree to the same recognition that Europe’s panoply of languages and cultures can.

Having been a recipient of a NAFTA-linked Mexico scholarship myself, I am a firm believer that better academic engagement and youth exchange between Mexico and the United States will reap important benefits as the countries become more economically, socially, and even politically linked. Bravo to both governments for going above and beyond the usual prickly topics like immigration and drug violence and starting to work on issues as mundane (and vitally important) as education.

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