The Slum Pope

The election of Pope Francis is still the big story across Latin America. Everybody’s weighing in on what the world’s first New World (sort of), Jesuit, subway-riding, Kirchner-bashing, Italian emigrant pope means to the church and to the world.

I don’t imagine many people are thinking about liberation theology in the context of  the Pope, but the director of Latin American Studies at the Hudson Institute penned this interesting piece talking about how Pope Francis’s ministry reflects a credible ideological alternative to Latin American populists.

The Hudson Institute does not always produce the most balanced perspectives on religious and social topics, and some of Jaime Daremblum‘s points in this piece reflect a worldview that is out of touch with many left-leaning Latin Americas. But his closing argument in this piece is a valuable one, and he asserts:

“By concentrating his efforts on the poor, Pope Francis is hoping to make the Church seem more relevant to the lives of young Latin Americans.”

My only question is, how can the Catholic Church accuse anyone else of being a populist?

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