Brazil’s gone to the dogs

Brazil has birthed a number of original things: the açaí berry, Xuxa, bossa nova, possibly the airplane, and now a love hotel for canine companions.

“I adore the romantic feel of this place,” said Andreia Kfoury, 43, a manager at a technology company who peeked inside the Motel Pet one recent morning while she and her husband were on a clothes-buying spree for their Yorkshire terrier, Harley. The couple, who are motorcycle enthusiasts, bought about $500 worth of imported Harley-Davidson brand items for their dog.”

When Brazilians aren’t busy spending hundreds of dollars on dog clothing, they’re busy building sex dens for creatures that are probably just grateful not to have been neutered. I’ve been to Brazil more times than I can count, and every time I go back the levels of conspicuous consumption reach new highs (and consequent lows).

Belo Horizonte, the city where Animalle Mundo Pet (pronounced Ah-nee-mall-ee Moon-doo Pet-chee), is one of Brazil’s prosperous new middle class hubs of happy Lojas Americanas shoppers, but in a country with one of the most persistent rates of inequality in the world, Animalle Mundo Pet strikes this outside observer as just a little bit rich.

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